Interview with Underground Noise

1) How old were you when you discovered you wanted to be in a Grindcore band?

Niko: I wanted to play in a band since I was a child. I started to hear to grindcore music as a teenager (I would say when I was 16). A few moments later I decide, that some day I would play in a grindcore band.

Max: I think to play in a band is the dream of every music interested young person. I listen to grindcore since 1 1/2 years and from this moment I was sure, that I want to play in a grincore band.

2) Have you ever played any instruments while growing up?

Niko: As a child I started play the guitar. But i hated my music teacher, because she said I should play a flute. But I have played this shit for a month :D

Max: As a child I started to play flute ;), but I dont like it especially so I finished it after a year. A half year ago I tried to lern to play guitar, but after 2 month I let it be.

3) Who are your most major influences?

Niko: My most influences are hardcore music and old school death metal.

Max: My most influences are grindcore, death and black Metal.

4) Who are you currently listening to these days?

Niko: At the moment I am listening to a lot slamming death metal bands, like Cerebral Incubation, Kraanium or Drowning In Phemaldehyde. Also goregrind bands like Spasm and Cock And Ball Torture.

Max: At the time I am listening to a lot of grindcore bands, like Gut, Spasm or Anal Cunt. I also listening to some death metal, black metal or deathcore bands.

5) Where do you practice at?

Niko: I practice at home.
Max: Me too.

6) Do you have a job outside the band?

Niko: Yes, I work in a office.
Max: Yes of course. I am a construction technician.

7) I've never been to Austria / Germany, what's the metal scene and your local scene like?

Niko: Well I am from Germany. Here you can find a lot teen-emo-bands who play metalcore or hardcore. Some brutal bands you can find here also. Its pretty cool here.

Max: I am from Austria and here are a some black metal and grindcore bands and a lot of deathcore/metalcore bands.

8) How long has the Vaginal Cadaver been around for?

Niko/Max: We are pretty young. We have started with the band in april 2009.

9) Would you ever consider coming to the USA to perform?

Niko/Max: Well, at the moment we have some problems with concerts, because we are living in different countries. But Who know, maybe one day we would come to the USA to perform and make our amercian friends happy.

10) Have you had other interviews besides this or is this the first one?

Niko/Max: No this is the first one, it is a honor for us.

11) Are you currently working on a promo?

Niko/Max: Yes, we are writing new songs for our first release. Also we are working at the moment on a few split cds with some great bands that we know.

12) What are some of your hobbies?

Niko: I dont have a lot of time for other hobbies beside my music, but if I have some free hours, then I like to chill and spend my time with my girl.

Max: At the moment I invest a lot of time in my music, so it isnt enough time for some hobbies, if I have time I ride my bike and spend time with my girlfriend.

13) Have you performed with other bands?

Niko/Max: Not yet, but maybe some day...

14) Any last words for Underground Noise?

Niko/Max: Thanks a lot for the interview. Its nice to see, that some guys like you support the underground scene around the world. So stay brutal and support your local scene.