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New split with the goregrind maniac from Ryona: Guro Gangbang II.



4. Ruined Makeup Is A Sign Of A Proper Fuck

5. What Your Girl Is Up To When You're Not Home

6. Have A Seat On My Meat


Guro Gangbang II



New split with the goregrind maniacs from GerbeЯ.



08. Exploding Cumshots

09. Tasty Mayonnaise

10. Anal Empire

11. Your Stomach Is My Semen Reservoir

12. Period Blood Girl

13. Rainwater Enema

14. Share My Cock With Your Friend


GerbeЯ & Vaginal Cadaver Split



Check out the tribute to GG Allin, released by Skull Dungeon.



22. Suck It You Slut



Check out this tribute EP from Cum Book.



01. China Vagina

02. Girls Watch Porn



Check out the new cumpilation from Gore Art Records "Dismemberment Prostitutes".



57. Face Cum Experience



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Get the new split with Padagra.

30 minutes of porn and gore.

Write Ruben CM on Facebook or a mail to for your copy on tape for only 2.50€ + shipping costs.



01. Stepmom's Fun

02. It's No Secret That Your Girlfriend Is A Slut

03. Gagging Is Her Passion

04. Lesbian Teen Party

05. Money Talks

06. Clit Stimulation

07. 69 Quiet Little Sluts

08. Plaything For Your Cock Sucking Slut

09. Stewardess Penetration

10. Gag Reflex (feat Padagra)

11. Devices For Our Entertainment (feat Padagra)

12. Big Cock Preference (feat Padagra)

13. Whore With Syphilis (Padagra Cover)



Check out new cumpilation from Skull Dungeon "Skull Dungeon Cacofonia Compilation".



83. You Are A Slut 



We are a part of a sick cumpilation "Slut With Deep Throat".

28 tracks from bands like Gonorrea, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Clitorodectomia, Sangrientosis Gastrointestinal, Vaginal Erektus and Copropedófilo.


(click on the song for guitar tabs, you will need Guitar Pro 5 or above)

09. Good Whore
10. Stewardess Penetration
11. Gloves On Cock
12. Choking Fantasies



New EP "Porn Tunes" dedicated to all sick bands out there. Check it out on Torn Flesh Records.


01. Whore With Syphilis (Padagra Cover)
02. Buttzilla Sluts (Cum Book Cover)
03. Unicellular (Hippon Scrotum Cover)
04. EatCumPlas (Pigtails Cover)
05. Scat Junkies (Anal Fistfuckers Cover)
06. Parmesan Pussy (Holy Cost Cover)
07. Penis In Shit (Penis Amputator Cover)
08. Mma Milf Milf Attack (Rektal Fetus Cover)



17 Tracks, 30 minutes = 100% Porngrind.

Check out "The Art Of Masturbation" on Torn Flesh Records.



(click on the song for guitar tabs, you will need Guitar Pro 5 or above)

01. C(o)untdown
02. Girls Watch Porn
03. Jerk Off Instruction
04. Rape Her Gently
05. Squirt Queen
06. Pornsonal Assistant
07. Lesbian Worship
08. You Should Suffer
09. Just Turned 18
10. Annihilation By Ashley Blue
11. O Lovely Pussy!
12. Her First Anal Meeting
13. My Personal Sex Slave
14. Only Rectal Is Phenomenal
15. Princess Sera
16. Fucking Like A Whore
17. The Orgasm Song



New compilation "FFG Compilation Volume 4" from Fall From Grace Music Promotions with 22 brutal tracks.

Download, share it and liste to our new song "Pornsonal Assistant".




New Video "O Lovely Pussy" from forthcuming album "The Art Of Masturbation":

New CD "How To Abuse A Woman In 9 Minutes" on Torn Flesh Records.



(click on the song for guitar tabs, you will need Guitar Pro 5 or above) 

01. Deepthroat From Outer Space

02. Use Her Tears As Lube

03. Misogyny At Its Best

04. Fingerfuck

05. Degradation

06. Toilet Slave


Review by TFRbiggestfan.

Our buddies from Frozenspleenpedophile made a cover of "Masturbating Zombie". Check it out and support these guys:




New Video "Buttzilla Sluts" Cum Book Cover:




Drenched In Piss - Compilation released by Histoplasmosis Records, Tampon Titwank & Vaginal Apocalypse.


Our song is called "OMG Your Penis Pees On Me".



I Will Rape You For Your Pleasure from Discordant Sounds From The Dead (Torn Flesh Records) (2010)



Discordant Sounds From The Dead



Download the new compilation by Torn Flesh Records - "Tunnel To The Underground Vol. 666".


Our song is called "Technical Virgin".





Download the new compilation by Monster Under My Bed Records - "Sticky Dreams 3 - Santa´s Majic Sack".


Our song is called "Sperm Face".






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Download the new compilation by Kill Inc. Records - "Human Defecation", with 15 kick-ass tracks.





Download the new compilation by Monster Under My Bed Records - "Sticky Dreams 2: The Soggy Biscuit", nearly 40 minutes of some of the finest underground Porn/Gore-Grind from around the world.




Download the new compilation by BlackEarth Records - "Fuck Your Face And The Skull It Came In On" with 34 awesome tracks




Download the new compilation made by Torn Flesh Records - "Torn Flesh Records Presents Vestigial Sickness"



Download "Sticky Dreams" released on Sphinkta Spit.



01. Sphinkta Spit - Intro (Sphinkta Spit)

02. Higheramplifier - One Is Never Enough

03. Vaginal Cadaver - Mommys Little Whore

04. Paedo Nanny - Oozing Molten Semen (porno edit)

05. Sphinkta Spit - Nasty Little Whore

06. Vaginal Cadaver - Nun Meat Is Great

07. Zyber Nekkro Butcher - Skream Until I Kream Bitch

08. Erratik Distraktion - Catching Your Sister Wanking Over Your School Portrait

09. Goremonger - I Only Raised Her To Fuck Her

10. Groovy Porno Grind For The Gentlemen's - Groovy Porno Grind For The Gentlemen's

11. Dark Theory - A Vampires Lust



We wrote an exclusive song for the 100 release from Torn Flesh Records which will be released very soon.



We are a part of a compilation from Vox Pupoli Records.


Release date: 01.06.2010



Download new compilation by Torn Flesh Records called "Discordant Sounds From The Dead".



Discordant Sounds From The Dead



We are a part of following compilations:


Tampon Titwank Records: Drenched In Piss Compilation (release very soon)


BlackEarth records Net Label: Fuck your face and the skull it came in on! (release in a few months)



We are a part of a compilation from Sphinkta Spit called "Sticky Dreams".


Our 2 songs are: "Nun Meat Is Great" and "Mommys Little Whore".


Release soon.


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Histoplasmosis Records has released a new split "100 ways to kill a scene fag" and we are on it!



Buy this piece of shit for only 5 USD.


For further information: Histoplasmosis Records



Hey guys, now you can download all of our track on our page.



NecroSlaughter has reviewed our Split with Anal Carnage.


Read the review here (only in GERMAN!!!) or on NecroSlaughter´s website.



Hey guys, finally we made a new masterpiece!


You can hear it on our MySpace or you can download it and add this shit to your music library: Fuck The Bunny Hard



Hey guys,


if you have a question to us, don´t hesitate to write us an email:



Ein neues Promo Video, erstellt von unserem Netlabel "Goreruption" für die 11-Way-Compilation-CD.


Ziehts euch rein!



Unser neues 8 1/2 Way-Split-Tape ist ab sofort für lächerliche 3 Euro zu haben. Also schnell zugreifen!


Mit dabei sind außer uns noch folgende Bands: Decomposind Vomit, FxRxIxTxZxLx, Incurable Misogyny, PxDxCx, Toilet Crust, Rektal Fetus, Scatologist und Verkrustete Tortenheberstichverletzung.


Bei weiteren Fragen entweder an uns wenden oder an Black Scars Records.




In dem neuen Bereicht "Review" findet Ihr ab sofort diverse Reviews von unseren Veröffentlichungen.


Den Anfang machen ein Review von Fatalgrind, der die Compilation "Dissertation Of A Dissection" von Torn Flesh Records angehört hat.


Und NecroSlaughter, der unsere EP "Pussy Overdose" bewertet hat.


Danke an die beiden an dieser Stelle.



Wir haben ein neues Video gemacht, also genießt es:




Medellin Kartell hat eure Lieblingsband ein bisschen ausgefragt.


Das komplette und ungeschnittene Interview HIER zu lesen


Besucht das neue Grindcore Forum: Medellin Kartell oder das Forum (Registrierung erforderlich!)



Schaut auf dieser Seite vorbei, supportet diese und meldet euch im Forum an, um mit anderen diskutieren zu können:



The Capt. Kirk on LSD Experience hat unser Song "Smells Like Putrid Vagina" remixt.


Das Ergebnis könnt ihr auf unserer MySpace Seite anhören oder hier runterladen: Smells Like Putrid Vagina (feat. The Capt. Kirk on LSD Experience)


Viel Spaß!!!



NEW COMPILATION with 11 bands from Goreruption Netlabel.


A split full of Porn, Gore and Brutality!


Goreruption - Gory Porno Party 11-Way Split (Compilation) (2009)


24. Date With A Chainsaw


25. Blood Rage


26. Whats Up Pussy


27. Masturbating Zombie


28. More Cock Hurts

Goreruption - Gory Porno Party 11



NEW COMPILATION with 62 awesome bands around the world.


Check it out for FREE!!!


27. Vaginal Cadaver - Just A Fucking Bitch

Aquitania Grindcore Mafia - Tribute To Anal Infections



Split with Puniphile released:


Guro Gangbang


01. Fucked With A Chainsaw

02. Smells Like Putrid Vagina

03. Fistfuck No. 3

04. Save The Pigs

05. Girl With No Name

06. Chaos In Yout Anus

07. Kame Hamea Bitch

Guro Gangbang